What is Chalk paint?….

Everyone is talking about it but what is it? I get asked alllllll the time, it seems to have captured people’s curiosity. Well this paint has captured my heart! If you are not familiar with it and you’ve been wondering what it’s all about carry on reading.

Chalk paint is not to be confused with chalkboard paint, which is used on a painted surface to create a chalkboard. Chalk paint can be used for a wide variety of painting projects, not just wooden furniture but metal and walls, just about anything you want to dream up. It leaves a wonderful matt finish and extremely forgiving to use.

DSC_0092Here at Sara Hughes Home I stock Autentico chalk based paints. They are water based, free of solvents and other harmful additives (VOC low) and can even be used in situations where anti allergic and bacterial features are paramount. People call it eco paints, organic paints, environmentally friendly paints, we call it Autentico!

Autentico chalk based paint was especially developed using old recipes and only natural ingredients. This information has been taken from their website, you can find further details about these gorgeous paints on my website under ‘buy Autentico’ or head to their website, www.autentico-chalk-paint.co.uk.

I’ll tell you why I’m chalk paint mad. It’s brilliant in the fact it can be applied in many different ways to create a variety of styles with various techniques such as textured surface, distressed finish, crackle it for an old world effect or just simply a beautiful chalky matt finish.

If like me you love giving furniture a new lease of life then chalk paint is your substance. Heaven in a pot. Give it a try!

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